FLOATOBER - Water Temple


Water Temple has created the Floatober Campaign, a Mental Health awareness promotion during the month of October. This is their 2nd year, and they are wanting to ‘spread the word

Water Temple is seeking support from High Street Armadale Traders to help create more awareness of the benefits of Floatation Therapy towards the very real issue of Mental Health. This is a real community area of interest and is on point in terms of current relevance.

In the last year, Floatation Therapy has certainly gained much more awareness throughout the community and of course, this makes them very happy to be able to contribute to ‘spread the word’ about its benefits in relation to mental health.

There is certainly much research currently and the results being released are certainly very supportive of the benefits of floatation therapy.

Recently Dr Justin Feinstein Ph. D, Clinical Neuropsychologist and Principal Investigator at The Laureate Institute for Brain Research, came to Australia to as guest speaker at the International Mental Health Conference 2019 at The Gold Coast. The aim was to share his research results with the community.

You may be interested in reading about him and his team http://www.laureateinstitute.org/justin-feinstein.html.or perhaps passing this on to your colleagues ..it is very interesting!

Dr Justin Feinstein also met with your CEO, Georgie Harman, recently, to discuss the benefits of floatation therapy and recent research finds and results. Here is a link to the specific research he is leading. https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0190292#sec001

Channel 9 News recently featured a segment about Floatation Therapy and benefits achieved towards PTSD. First responders, namely Victoria Police, is encouraging its members to consider this therapy to help with stress, anxiety and the effects of PTSD. The segment also discussed the lobbying that is occurring to enable this therapy to be included in Work Cover allowable and available treatments.

They are currently reaching out to First Responder organizations with a view to provide support to their members and to create programs suited to their availability and work demands.

Dr Mychelle Whitewood, the principal practitioner at Water Temple, has 25 years of experience in TCM, Acupuncture and Shiatsu Massage and is utilizing her modalities to be complementary to floatation therapy. She is also an experienced volunteer with CARING and LIFELINE over many years.

Water Temple sees itself as a community service and is also important for the community to appreciate our recent award of Best International Float Service Award.

You can read about this very important accolade here https://www.watertemple.com.au/water-temple-receives-best-international-float-service-award/, as Armadale now has a world-class operation in its community.

Join Water Temple as they combat anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness.