Skin Angel is a boutique skin & laser clinic which specialises in non-surgical aesthetic procedures and beauty therapies. We sit down with Skin Angel founder, Angelina to ask about the inspiration behind Skin Angel.

Where did the inspiration for Skin Angel come from?
Skin Angel was created by my passion for beauty, lasers and health. I wanted to create a unique approach to skin health that still has the experience of a traditional facial even though we are performing clinical corrective treatments - merging lasers and light therapies with the traditional facial experience.

The interiors of Skin Angel are beautiful, where did you draw your inspiration from?
Interiors are another version of fashion to me, the clinic really represents my personal style. I’ve always loved white, I have a lot of white at home and in my wardrobe. Creamy white tones fill me with a sense of peacefulness and I felt it was fitting for clinical beauty. My passion for skin health birthed our signature foundation colour. Our palette of peachy, pink & beige tones represents skin colour tones, complementing the creamy interiors by adding a sense of femininity to the space.

Have you always been passionate about beauty and skin care? What motivates your passion?
Its been my strongest passion for as long as I can remember, I love all things beauty. I know what it means to my clients to enable them to feel confident in their own skin and looking their best, and that absolutely motivates me each and every day. I’m so grateful for the impact I make daily with my clients, whether that be plumping and hydrating their skin in clinical facials, correcting concerns like acne and pigmentation with our laser therapies, shaping their brows or manicuring their nails it brings me so much joy to make them feel beautiful.

What’s your number one beauty tip?
I would always have to say an antioxidant serum, keeping your skin protected from oxidation and hydrated is key to preservation. My other key tip is to utilise sun protection is by wearing a hat and shading yourself, as sunscreen is only active for a few hours after application we must re apply and skin preservation is my absolute focus. Preservation is the key to ever lasting youthfulness.

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