Faces of High Street - Sarah, Core Performance Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates, Myotherapy and Interval Training. A highly qualified and experienced Clinical Pilates studio, Core Performance Physiotherapy provides expertise in managing and preventing injury and pain.

Opened in 2015 and located just outside the Kings Arcade, Physiotherapist Sarah Mackenzie opened up her practice after having gained experience working at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and private practices. A certified Clinical Pilates Instructor Sarah holds a Bachelor of Physiotherapy with Honors from the University of Melbourne and a Bachelor of Behavioral Sciences.

So what can you expect when you visit Core Performance Physiotherapy. “We have a range of services on offer such as physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates, Myotherapy and high intensity interval training. Our programs are tailored to individual injuries or needs whether that be muscle work, fitness training or strength work.”

An effective and time efficient way to exercise and achieve goals, Core Performance Physiotherapy offers unique High Intensity Interval Training to all age groups and fitness levels. This training method has been shown to result in amazing benefits including improved fitness, attribute to weight loss, reduce risks of chronic illness and improve general health and wellbeing as well as improving mental health.

Newcomer Physiotherapist and Clinical Pilates Instructor Zoe Butler has recently joined the Core team. With expertise in the Japanese style of acupuncture, Zoe uses acupuncture to help treat injuries and manage pain as well as a offering a more holistic care in treating symptoms of menopause, sleep disturbances, energy levels and gut troubles.

For a physical overhaul drop into Core Performance Physiotherapy at 2 Kingsway Armadale.