Faces of High Street - Prabir, Wine 1160


“High Street Armadale has long been defined by a penchant for fashion and high-end couture, with a sprinkling of lovely cafes. However, it has long struggled to carry that energy through to the evening,” says owner of Wine 1160 Prabir. “I was always looking for a destination where people could come and indulge in their wine, from the early afternoon right through to the evening. High Street offered the perfect balance of opportunity, excitement and most of all, a high population of established wine drinkers.”

With beautiful décor and ambience and amazing food and wine on offer, Wine 1160 opened its doors on High St Armadale in December 2016 and has never looked back.

The menu changes according to the season. Naturally, there are some dishes such as Popcorn & Gruyere that are likely to be yearlong staples, however the menu is designed to match the wines on offer, so changes in the food selection always take the wines on offer into account.

The inspiration for the menu comes from the wine selection and the story behind the wine. Once the wine is selected, a food menu is designed to match those wines. Some of those matches are traditional, inspired by history, others are modern and play with flavour or texture. The matches are trialed and refined prior to adding them to the menu and there is quite a bit of work-shopping involved.

When asked what inspired him to create and open Wine 1160, Prabir answers “ I’ve always been intrigued by the stories behind wine. As I’ve learnt more and more about wine, I realized that the story is often lost. I wanted to create a venue where people could come and hear the stories about these unique artisans and the wonderful drinks that they craft. For that reason, a relaxed pace was really important.”

And the most popular wine/tasting dish on the menu? “The Popcorn & Gruyère matched with André Clouet Champagne from Bouzy.”

For a friendly, refined and delicious experience visit Wine 1160 at 1160 High Street Armadale.