Faces of High Street - Mimi, Marti Portfolio


Mimi Marti loves her job because it does not feel like one. Instead, the Swiss-born Fashion and Interior Designer sees it as her passion, which allows her to rediscover her creativity through interaction with clients.

She has an intuitive feel for uncovering unique pieces that entice a customer to come closer –run fingers along a delicate and wonderfully feather-light scarf, or pick up a colourful eye-catching necklace and delight in the cheerful clattering of beads.

“It's intuition,” Mimi simply says.

It is this innate sense of style that follows through to the Interior Design Consulting aspect of Marti Portfolio. Mimi's instinctive nature allows her to pick up on the subtle nuances that make a world of difference when transforming a mere space into a little world of its own.

“I have a photographic memory for colours, space and light. I can recall what a living environment looked like, and from there, I plan on developing the space's variation of colours and textures as well,” Mimi shares.

Indeed, Mimi's Arts Degree in Fashion Design and many years of experience have served her well throughout the years.

Say Hi! to Mimi at 1018 High Street.