Faces of High Street: Meet Clemente Talarico


Established in 2006 Clemente Talarico is a boutique menswear brand specialising in high quality fabrics, nouvo classic design and premium furniture. More than just a fashion brand, Clemente Talarico aims to provide men with all the essential they need to live out their individual style.

We chat to head designer and founder Paul Talarico from Clemente Talarico on his top three tips for dressing in summer!

Be Bold!
Summer is the best time of year to really get some personality happening. Introduce some colour and prints into your summer wardrobe. It doesn’t have to be a huge commitment, maybe just a fresh colour shirt or even better a bold print to tie back with a classic pant or short. Done well, you will always gain a compliment or an adoring glance…and hopefully a double take.

Take Stock.
A new season is a great time to cull those pieces that are either looking like they’ve seen too much sun or just didn’t quite work well on you last summer. Men by nature hold onto clothes for too long, so go through your summer wardrobe and donate or destroy those things that don’t fit you or your lifestyle. Having a good mix of good quality classic and some seasonal highlights will have you looking sharp and fresh every season.

A Good Finish.
The clothes are just part of the armour. Invest in good summer footwear (thongs are not footwear) and do be afraid to show some flair with your other accessories. A cool hat, maybe a patterned fun pair of socks, great eyewear and whatever else you feel comfortable as part of your complete look. Being summer…have fun, there are lots of events leading up to Christmas and in the new Year so it’s a great time to look sharp and smell good…but less is more. No need to smell like your just stepped out of Chemist warehouse. Invest in a good summer fragrance and use sparingly.

Visit Clemente Talarico at 1137 High Street, Armadale.