Faces Of High Street - MATILDA CAFE


Find yourself on the sunny side of High Street and you’ll be drawn to the open glass doors of Matilda Cafe. Filled with warm staff, delicious treats and a robust menu, this family run Café is offers quality food in a beautifully designed space. We speak to Kemal, the local barista about the inspiration behind the café.

The name Matilda is an ode to the Australian song Waltzing Mathilda. When my Father came to Australia in 1986, he was asked to sing Waltzing Mathilda on a business trip to Japan. As he sung the words with his colleagues, he was struck by the song’s importance to the local Australian community.

Our specialty dish would have to be the Gozleme. Which is a traditional house-made Turkish pastry dish which consists of either a spiced lamb, cheese & spinach or cheese filling. Our Gozleme are served with a side of minter yoghurt and salad.

When setting up our café, we were drawn to the vibrancy of High Street. The street is full of ambition and character which consists of striving individuals and growing families. Upon arriving we thought we would love to be part of that community and see where it takes us.

Grab your next brunch at Matilda Cafe at 1084 High Street, Armadale
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