Lisa Barron is one of High Street’s most notable designers. A Stonnington Fashion Hall of Fame recipient she has accomplished a considerable amount for the Australian Fashion industry. Known for her feminine silhouettes and flattering pieces, Lisa Barron designs with the everyday Australian women in mind. We ask her about her recent collection and her top tip for dressing for the Spring Races.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? Particularly from your most recent collection?
The inspiration comes from two main areas. First, and most importantly, it comes from the clients. We are fortunate to have a very loyal client base of women who are leading inspiring lives in many ways, from corporate, philanthropic, scientific or just enjoying life to the full. Their needs inspire me and I love creating pieces that enhance their incredible lives from classic suiting to a spectacular ball gown. Secondly the beautiful fabrics we source from around the world are a constant inspiration. They have to speak to me and I have to see them working in my client’s wardrobes.

The Spring/Summer 2019 collection was about bringing gorgeously flattering splashes of colour and texture to classic, feminine shapes. This season you will see electric colours, intricate details and unique shapes that will elevate any wardrobe.

You are known for having locally made products, why is this important to you?
Manufacturing locally has always been very important to me and over the many years of producing collections I have never been tempted to go offshore. For me, supporting the local industry means supporting my home but also the new home of many people who have migrated or found refuge here. Those of which have brought with them a world of knowledge that has helped the Australian fashion world grow. We are so lucky in Australia to have an industry made up of many different cultures and thanks to the variety of skills we have, the quality is unrivalled! Local production houses also share our values for being sustainable during the manufacturing process and help us to reduce our environmental footprint. It may cost a little more, but for a mid-high end label this is a small price to pay! It is so wonderful to see the respect and awareness for supporting the local industry grow with in the fashion community.

Finally, can you tell us your top tip for dressing for the Spring Races?
As a Fashions on the Field judge for 7 years I am always impressed with elegant, stylish and feminine looks for the Spring Carnival. The tradition of specific race day dressing is something I feel is important to respect but in a way that compliments your unique body and taste. It doesn’t matter the colour, style, length etc it just has to look fabulous on the person wearing it! A classic dress that is perfectly fitted to you will look more magnificent than something outrageous and ill-fitting.

Top Tip, always finish your outfit off with a stunning (and suitable) piece of locally made millinery.

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