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Kinderplay has long been a destination for parents, kids and locals of High Street. Full of educational and classic toys they are the experts in fusing play and learning. We speak to Kinderplay’s current owner Nicola of her top three tips to improve the learning of children’s play time.

There are so many ways to improve the learning value of children’s playtime but the most valuable way is by giving them your time. As a parent it is very easy to follow the path of trying to find activities that mean you can set and forget your kids and try and get a few things done. But ultimately children will get the most out of activities when you, their parent, is involved.

Reading & Writing: There are many ways to be involved with your children through reading and writing. Reading to them or asking them to read to you help increase empathy and self awareness whilst asking them to write down their thoughts, feelings or create an imaginary story is a healthy outlet for emotions that can otherwise go unnoticed.

Board Games & Puzzles: From the age of 3 children are able to develop positive social skills through playing games. The simple act of waiting for ones turn, playing by the rules and learning to be a good winner and loser are all life long skills encouraged by game play. Along with games, puzzles can provide strategy and problem solving activities, they can also have the positive benefits of learning to stick to a task, concentrate for a longer period and the reward of a completed task.

Creative Activities: Whether it be the simple joy of some quiet time colouring in, the tactile fun of play-doh or modelling clay or the performance of a song, dance or musical instrument, providing children with creative outlets is invaluable. Singing and dancing as well as playing music promotes physical movement and the release of ‘feel good’ endorphins which decrease the likelihood of depression and anxiety. Art activities provide a healthy outlet for emotions, promote mindfulness and can boost focus and reduce stress levels.

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