Faces of High Street - Florrie


From three friends wanting to start a business that emulated uniqueness, wonder and imagination, today Florrie is a hub for children to enjoy the innocence and inventiveness that childhood brings. Meet Melody, Jemima and Elizabeth, the creative and inspiring brains behind Florrie, 1152 High Street Armadale.

The three friends, a combination of teachers and mothers themselves, possess a multitude of experience when it comes to children. “There is passion involved with working with children and encouraging them to foster their imaginations”. Additionally, locating the niche in the market for hubs of imagination, the team established a clear image of what they wanted to represent.

A store where children can come to craft, design and imagine, Florrie offer tools for the imagination. Designing their own stock, based on the fashions from European fashion for children, children can dress like their dolls from the same dresses to hair clips. “We strive make sure our pieces will be well received by children ranging from the ages of two all the way up to twelve. We absolutely love seeing girls coming into the store with their dolls, both wearing the same outfits and accessories”, they say.

When asked what are their favourite pieces, it was too difficult to pinpoint. “We spend a lot of time and attention to detail on all of our products. We love the store design and the unique tree that greets you as walk in. It's a joy to see the childrens’ faces as they first come in and view the dolls swinging from its branches.”

Cultivating on creating a space for imagination and creativity for children, Florrie host children’s parties, which have proven to be extremely popular. In this intimate and elegant experience accommodating up to 12 children, guests are able to come in with their dolls seated next to them and participate in craft activities, such as costume decorating. Guests are then treated to high tea served on three tiered stands containing everything you would expect – from ribbon sandwiches to jam and cream scones.

Florrie is a well-known destination for the mini-High Street customer, and the team certainly loves calling High Street, Armadale home. “It just has a unique feel! We were warmly welcomed by so many of the other business owners on the High Street when we first opened and have enjoyed the community feel to it”.

Say hello to Melody, Jemima and Elizabeth at Florrie, 1152 High Street, Armadale.