Faces of High Street - FJORD + CO


They say great minds think alike, so when two of the best on the Melbourne interiors scene team up you know the result is going to be fabulous. Anna Lofts, owner and founder of L&M Home, and Tina Richards, owner and founder of Tribe Home, have joined forces to launch an exciting new homewares store, FJORD + CO.

Located in Armadale's High Street, one of Melbourne's hottest shopping spots, FJORD + CO stocks a beautifully curated selection of furniture, rugs, textiles and decorative accessories, with an emphasis on handcrafted and artisanal pieces. It's a treasure trove of delights for every area of the home, from table top to cushions, baskets to bedlinen and rugs to chests of drawers.

The name FJORD + CO is a nod to the fact that Anna is Norwegian and Tina a New Zealander, so both proudly hail from lands with glorious fjords. Both are also firm friends and accomplished wholesalers and importers for their respective companies.

Between them they have 22 years of experience in successfully navigating the Australian homewares market. Tina and Anna have long had a mutual respect for each other’s talents and would often catch up on overseas buying trips, where they'd be visiting similar suppliers. Tina is an expert on rugs and was looking to expand her ranges; Anna knows everything there is to know about home textiles and was also wanting to expand into homewares. They decided to join forces and open a retail store together and so FJORD + CO was born.

Shop FJORD + CO at 913 High Street, Armadale.