Master’s Persian Carpets opened its doors on High street Armadale in 2017 and passionate owner, Omid Master invited us into his store earlier this week to tell us about his experiences on High street and his genuine desire to satisfy customers with the perfect piece of modern and traditional art for the floor.

When we walked into his showroom, we immediately got a sense of the intricate skill involved in creating each unique masterpiece. We were greeted by Omid’s friendly dog Polo whilst Omid served us up Persian Samavor tea and shared how the rug hand-making process works. That day Omid was especially excited about the new arrival of overdyed rugs, hall runners and colourful kilims which he described as “modern with a touch of class.”

After being based in Port Douglas for 16 years, Omid travelled over to Melbourne to share his Persian Culture with the community of Armadale. Omid sources his products from all around the world, with last month taking him to Pakistan where he sourced exquisite masterpieces to bring to High Street. People come from all over Melbourne to visit Master Persian Carpets which has gained a reputation in the community for colours and designs that suit all types of homes modern and traditional.

Omid’s best sellers are his large handmade living room rugs. Customers love that their home is completely transformed once their rug is delivered, which adds a different dimension to any home.

When asked what he loves about his work, Omid says “I love the satisfaction of a good final result when a carpet is added to the living room and that I can enhance a customer’s lifestyle by helping make their house a home.

As well as owning Master Persian Carpets Omid is a part time musician. When he gets spare time in the shop he likes to strum the guitar, write a tune or learn a new cover song.

Omid’s tips on finding the perfect rug for your home

  1. The most important thing is to love the rug you choose, not just because it matches the furniture. If it’s possible to choose it before the furniture then even better!
  2. Choose a colour that complements the room or one with a few colours so it ties the colours in the room together. It is good to treat your rug like art for the floor because that is what it essentially is.
  3. When it comes to quality, it is best to go with a trustworthy experienced advisor/ retailer because they all vary in many ways and it is hard to tell differences without years of experience.

Visit Omid at Master Persian Carpets at 1133 High Street Armadale

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