Bud Flowers


As the director and primary florist at Bud Flowers, Meridee has built a reputation of excellence over the last 10 years. Specialising in boutique events, Bud Flowers understand that flowers should compliment the unique style of your wedding. Whether it be inside the intimacy of your home, a lavish restaurant, a rustic shed, winery or outdoor marquee, Bud Flowers can help create the wedding of your dreams.

Pinterest is a wonderful platform for sourcing a myriad of beautiful inspiration. However when it comes to your own 'big day,' it's easy to fall into an overwhelming vortex of endless options. Or perhaps you have no clue even where to begin. Stepping inside this beautiful boutique, is your first step towards floral clarity, where a complimentary consult will guide you down the perfect path.

Visit Bud Flowers at 1016 High Street Armadale.