A promise of things to come!


Opening in late December 2016, The Otter’s Promise is High Street’s newest bottle’o, delivering boutique local and international beers, wines and spirits. In his first venture, owner Daniel Taranto seeks to transform 1219 High Street Armadale into a destination where customers can learn, embrace and enjoy beer.

Previously an engineer and baker, Daniel has big dreams for his newest venture. With a bar license expected to arrive by the end of February 2017, The Otter’s Promise will be an indoor beer garden by night serving share plates including cheese and chacuterie boards matched to a variety of beer, wine and spirits.

The Otter’s Promise is named affectionately after two English brewing malts available during the beer brewing process, ‘Maris Otter’ and ‘Golden Promise’. In addition, Daniel says otters are ‘pretty cool’.

When asked his favourite drink, he says they’re too many to choose from. However, Daniel’s favourite of the week would be the Exit Saison, which serves up a lighter, tasty brew that’s made locally in Dandenong. With a selection predominately emphasising local brews including beers brewed as close as Braeside, Richmond and Moorabbin, and as far as Belgium and Germany, Daniel takes pride in offering variety to the Armadale community. The Otter’s Promise also stock local spirits such as Four Pillars Gin and Starward Whisky.

The Otter’s Promise promotes a strong sustainability approach with attempts to reuse, recycle and renew as many materials in order to reduce wastage and improve their green footprint in the community. You wont find much plastic in the place, and Daniel proudly uses solar power, going green wherever they can.

If you’re interested in learning more about beer, or simply feel like a frothy (or even wine), The Otter’s Promise are open from 12pm daily. Each Thursday sees a free tasting night run by key brand representatives that will teach and treat you to the latest beers, wines and spirits on the market.

The Otter’s Promise, 1219 High Street, Armadale.

Image credit: Instagram/Gageroads_Vic