Faces Of High Street - MATILDA CAFE

Find yourself on the sunny side of High Street and you’ll find yourself drawn to the open glass doors of Matilda Cafe. Filled with warm staff, delicious treats and a robust menu, this family run Café is offers quality food in a beautifully designed space.

Jazz on High Street

As part of the Stonnington Jazz Festival the Kings Arcade was converted into an exciting jazz space for those wanting an authentic Jazz experience.

Faces Of High Street - KINDERPLAY

Kinderplay has long been a destination for parents, kids and locals of High Street. Full of educational and classic toys they are the experts in fusing play and learning. We speak to Kinderplay’s current owner Nicola of her top three tips to improve the learning of children’s play time.

Megan Park AW19

Drawing on a tomboyish femininity with a playful nod to the 1950’s, the Gracie collection takes a casual whimsical interpretation of classic Megan Park embroidery styling.


Transform your lashes with a Lash Lift and Tint at Brow Theory! This no fuss, low maintenance solution to flawless lashes is the perfect inclusion to any beauty regime. Mention this article and get $10 OFF your next appointment.

Hot Cross Buns on High Street

Happy Easter from all of us at High Street Armadale. We celebrated Easter by giving away 400 Hot Cross Buns. Kindly provided by the amazing High Street bakery Phillippas. Did you get a Hot Cross Bun? Share your photos with us on Instagram.


This year, Panada celebrates their 30th anniversary. Which also marks their 10th year on High Street. Panada offers a vast range of European and international pieces that will capture your hearts and invigorate your wardrobes. We speak to owner Emelia of their commitment to customer service and her tips on Autumn Winter dressing.