House of Orange


House of Orange is an Australian lifestyle brand that is and always will be inherently Dutch and, happily, that’s something our name reminds us of every single day. We design and make furniture that has an unmistakable Dutch aesthetic – accessible, democratic, functional and good-looking but with a pared-back Nordic sensibility.

We started off designing and making quite simple furniture but over the years we’ve honed our style and increased our range, crafting the key pieces we feel are essential in every home – both inside and out: pieces that are timeless, honest, functional, versatile and egalitarian. To this day, we are all thrilled when a customer invests in a piece of our furniture. It’s the stuff we surround ourselves with in our own home; we make it, we use it and we know what’s expected of it from every day living.

We’re a family business and we love what we do every single day. We count ourselves fortunate to have a great team around us and we understand the value of great service and the importance of going the extra mile. We look forward to welcoming you into the House of Orange very soon. While you’re there, keep an eye out for our dog Frankie – she’s usually found curled up asleep on her namesake Frankie Bunk Bed and she loves a little scratch behind the ear.

Ursula & Hans van Schoonhoven